Biosetify is a registered Trademark patented and exclusively used by Silca


Biosetify is a registered Trademark patented and exclusively used by Silca. It is based on a mixture of natural essences that provide our products with an extreme softness and enhance the features of yarns at best.

Among the most effective essences we use the essence extracted from grapefruit seeds, which has antiseptic and antiviral effects. These are able to interfere with structure and functionality of  pathogen agent cell membranes, contrasting the spreading of viruses, moulds, bacteria, fungus and yeast. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a very strong antioxidant, also used in medical and food industry. Biosetify has been further implemented adding sericin, a natural compound deriving from silk, which has soothing, renewing and softening effects on the skin. The same softness characterizes the fibres of our products.

A legend says that old Japanese women used to have extreme soft and silky hands despite they were under water most of the time.
This particular softness of hand skin was granted by sericin, the natural substance they extracted from silk during the working process.




In order to guarantee the highest safety Biosetify was Laboratory-certified through specific epicutaneous tests. We also carried out the agar diffusion assay to state the bacteria sensitivity. All tests proved a “0” bacteria growth, certifying the eligibility of Biosetify.

Silca Mission is to search for products which are safe and less aggressive for the skin, therefore we have introduced Biosetify.

All products made by Silca, included Modasana, are treated with Biosetify and the process includes slow drying