Silca is one of the leader Companies operating in the field of graduated compression preventive stockings.

Silca is one of the leader Companies operating in the field of graduated compression preventive stockings.

It is a strong-established reality active since 1954 and certified ISO 9001, known at international level thanks to the extraordinary quality of its materials and the high standard level of production process.

Silca is the only Company in the World using the patented purifying blend named Biosetify, composed by a mix of natural essences that give yarns an extreme softness and protect from the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and bad smell.

Silca is synonymous of health and its products address to men and women who want to take care of their legs, paying also attention to style and look.

Products that made Silca famous throughout the world are mainly knee highs, thigh highs and articles from preventive Collections Nady, Hostess and Claravida.

Products of these collections are characterized by a unique wearability and are available in different levels of compression: from the soft one useful to ease
legs heaviness to the stronger one indicated to prevent or ease disturbs caused by a poor blood circulation.

Prevent and attenuate vein diseases like phlebitis,varicose veins or lymphedemas is fundamental to have beautiful but most of all healthy legs.

People forced to stay sitted for several hours throughout the day or, on the contrary, people who must stand, are no doubt more incline to face circulation problems, sometimes even serious ones.

Articles of Collections Nady, Hostess and Claravida have technical production features that can contrast these bad behaviours thanks to elastic compression that applies a decreasing force on the leg, promoting the blood circulation upwards to the hearth and lymphatic circulation.

Silca production is 100% made in Italy and can satisfy the needs of every kind of customer: from pregnant women to those who wear comfort sizes, from people who work as cabin crew or sanitary staff to those who practise sport, and
in this case Silca has a specific dedicated collection named MySport Silca.

All Silca articles can be purchased only through its official distribution channels made of authorized sellers and in the outlet located near Malpensa airport, inside the headquarter of Somma Lombardo, near Varese. Products can also be purchased online on the ecommerce website that also offers the possibility to have free products or special discounts and to access to a special section in which specialists in the field give suggestions about legs health.

People working in the medical-sanitary field are granted with special discounts dedicated to these professional categories.

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